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There are two types of links on every website: internal and external. Internal external links are ones that lead to other pages on a website that have been built. External links are those ones a website uses to connect to other websites.

As your website's traffic grows and more internal and external links are added, you'll need to examine your links with a website link analysis tool.

The links function as a browser, allowing you to navigate across the website's various pages. If you need to return to the main page, you can navigate from one page to the next without having to return to the main page menu. Internal links on websites allow you to navigate between different pages inside a website.


Some websites contain 'external' links that transport you to another website's page.

External links on a website can be used to browse between two or more websites. External links on a website are usually highlighted and have a different color from the page's primary text. When you open a Wikipedia page, for example, the text is black and the external links are blue.


Our link analyzer tool shows all on-page links, as well as any broken links and their resources, regardless of where they came from. When it comes to dealing with the latest Google Panda or Penguin penalty and performing routine backlinks audits, Webiliti SEO tools make it as simple as possible to examine your links.