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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL rewriter tool is used to create a static URL that is easier to bookmark. It's also a shortened URL and a database index for the search engine. When it comes to the value of this tool, there are numerous advantages.  Because static URLs are short, they make it easier to incorporate keywords, which boosts search engine rankings.

What are Dynamic URLs, and how do you use them?

Long strings of characters, such as +, #, percent, and so on, make up dynamic URLs. 

Dynamic URLs will inevitably change over time while Static URLs are a type of URL that does not change.
Static URLs aren't made up of a large string of characters, are shorter than dynamic URLs, and don't vary over time.


Because static URLs are easier to remember and bookmark, webmasters and SEO specialists transform their Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. Static URLs are also favoured by search engines than dynamic URLs, therefore they aid with SEO.

The goal of a URL Rewriter is to convert dynamic URLs to static URLs. Because static URLs are shorter, easier to bookmark, and index in search engine databases, you should do so. Furthermore, in the SERPs, these types of URLs score higher than dynamic URLs.

You can include keywords in a short URL if you have one. As a result, when a search engine crawler scans your website for indexing, the keywords will be read and the context of your page will be understood. If your domain has a dynamic URL, the Crawler will take a long time to scan and index it. In that scenario, you'll need to utilize an XML Sitemap Generator to produce a sitemap of those links, which you can then upload to the search panel to have them indexed. To avoid this headache, you should use our URL Rewrite Software to convert all of your dynamic URLs to static URLs.