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About Word Counter

The Word Counter is a real-time web application for counting words, characters, phrases, paragraphs, and pages, as well as checking spelling and grammar. It helps writers improve their word choice and writing style, as well as detect grammar errors and plagiarism. Additionally, our tool will precisely estimate speaking time to help with preparation for class presentations, wedding speeches, and other such events.

Word counter is a good tool for article writing, its states the number of words in page or text. It is very suitable to use in a situation that you have a limited or particular numbers of words to use in a content article as a content writer, legal proceeding, academia, journalism or in an advert. 

By typing directly into the text space above or pasting in your content, you can use The Word Counter. The top of the page will show the word and character counts, any writing errors will be highlighted, and your most often used keywords will appear to the right. 

The Functionality of our free Word Checker application is very basic and user-friendly.
It's smart enough to produce outstanding results, but it's also quite simple to use.

In reality, all you have to do is go to and enter your content into the available text box, and the tool will conduct the scan for you and display you the results right away.

Depending on how you're accessing word finder, you can also upload content straight from your hard drive or from your mobile device.
There's also the option of uploading files from Google Drive and Dropbox.